Women are better teachers

Which sex is dominant? If you're not, being judgemental is a horrible characteristic to have and you just can't say a whole sex is better than another. Undoubtedly, they often have social qualities as vision and eloquence which help them to see personal traits of each student and use them to make educational profit.

In any case, scoring high in math is only loosely related to who opts for a scientific career, especially for girls. Alice Eagly, recently stated that her studies show that women are more likely than men to possess the leadership qualities that are associated with success.

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We have nothing to suggest that this is the case for all people and it certainly doesn't bring us closer to deciding if one gender is better than another.

This is why women pay lower car-insurance premiums. This makes them weak. As for me, I prefer malE whether as teachers, classmate, grp members, colleague, or evn best frnd sef.

Men are better egg-fertilizers and fathers…, obviously. Female teachers are more strict, but I don't like strict teachers. I remember in high school I had this teacher that looked like a real pig. Yet again, we are no closer to defining who is "better" for it seems individuals have a mix of traits and even for those traits which do have a gender correlation, it is a tenuous link and no one trait is vastly superior to another.

So who do you think makes a better teacher: Its a pity i wont b seeing her again y wont u b seeing her again? I can relate to a male teacher more than a female. Women are smarter than men. I think female teachers are better teachers than their male counterpart because they are more tolerant when dealing with students.

In Iceland, girls outshine boys significantly. If you want to discuss specifics, that could certainly make for some heated conversations. If you report who is best at math, the answer is boys.

Women Are Better Teachers

Do men make better teachers than women? In my opinion men are a weak, closed-minded species. Like getting the kids ready for school cleaning, cooking, and working. Therefore I would think when a woman chooses teaching as a profession, she would excel in it better than her male counterparts given her natural gift of teaching, coaching n counseling.

Male teachers are really outgoing, and very laid back. The International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics published research concluding that female-led companies are more successful than ones led by males. Women are much better childbearers and mothers. There are some patterns of trait strengths in the genders, however they are complimentary, have very little real affect on modern life and one cannot be said to be "better" than another We are very open to and interested in finding ways to continuously improve our personal skills.

Women motivate Women are natural cheerleaders. Women are better computer programmers than men.There are mass of schools (see Europe) with women as teacher in public schools, yet they have better marks than US.

I would point the finger in your school system, made by men, not on the teachers. Women are better at managing the seniors - Female teachers know the importance of maintaining healthy relations with the seniors.

Their temperament & ego management helps them in managing their seniors. Women Make Better Teachers Than Men. Do You Agree? I do not agree with the above statement. It is unfair to both sexes to make a sweeping statement like.

To sum up, it cannot be said that men make better teachers than women. Generally speaking there are pros and cons of both genders.

For this reason teacher's staff in school should be consist of men and women to achieve the greatest success.

Female teachers are 'bossy'. Male teachers are 'awesome'

Social expectations say women are better at English, history, and ‘softer' sciences. Whereas men are better at hard, rational subjects like math, and chemistry. But it looks like the Best Teachers go against the norm, and truely worked hard to know and understand the material.

To better understand the differences between males and females it is instructive to look at overall leadership effectiveness by age.

The effectiveness of women as leaders appears to change over time.

Women are better teachers
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