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Rewrite talks a great deal about the importance of friendship and bonds, but if these bonds are developed only partially, in a rushed fashion or even not at all, then they hold no worth whatsoever.

This is helped by the comedic timing being pretty decent most of the time. The problem is that it completely destroys the appeal the visual novel originally had to me, that which made it special.

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Still, I kept on hoping. Why should I care about the Occult Club disbanding when they have done approximately five things together that got about twenty minutes of screen time at the most?

It isn't all bad. She thus uses the homunculi to encourage Edward and Alphonse, along with other equally desperate Alchemists to create another complete Philosopher's Stone for her.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

So, what is Rewrite? Although Dante can still jump from body to body with the last stone she and Hohenheim created, she is not willing to risk the rebound of creating one herself.

Personality-wise Kagari is nothing like her visual novel counter part. How about Kyoto Animation, the former go-to studio for Key adaptations? How about Kyoto Animation, the former go-to studio for Key adaptations? People who buy Harvest festa! The show never manages to create any kind of flow.

How everyone finds out about Hughes' death is portrayed many different ways throughout the manga and the series.

Rewrite deals with a lot of very heavy topics that need proper explanation as well as a nuanced discussion about the different sides and aspects, something the visual novel spent a great deal of time on. But the worst thing is that this adaptation makes Rewrite come off as completely generic middle of the road trash that you, me and everyone else has seen plenty of times.

It seems pretty clear that the people involved either didn't really give a fuck or couldn't afford to do so. I think I have now spent enough time explaining why the show's production is absolutely terrible.

After being revived, Edward risks his life to bring back his brother and finds himself in a parallel worldwhile Alphonse recovers his original body. Instead they decided to just blend things together and thanks to the nature of the material, which has most of the important stuff happening after the relationships change and important world-shaking events occur, we end up with a bunch of rushed half stories that do nothing for the characters the focus is supposed to be on and don't really leave an impression.

I can not guarantee that this will be a completely unbiased review. I find it hard to believe that the original author was involved with the adaptation, considering that it completely misses the point of the work it was based on. At least the voice acting is pretty good, which is to be expected considering the involvement of prolific voice actresses like Chiwa Saito, Eri Kitamura and Kana Hanazawa.

A lot of the later routes is about yearning for the days where life was pleasant and easy. Still, I'm by no means one of their biggest critics. There have been no revelations. Sure, you know some bits here and there, but they hardly ever went into the real meat of each route, so there is still enough stuff left uncovered to make it worth a read.

Fullmetal Alchemist

A fine idea in concept, but it backfires seeing how they just lack the build up to have any meaning here. The series also never managed to stabilize in regards to animation, like some shows do, but instead got worse with time.

He said the animation was superior to that of the first anime; his comments focused on the characters' expressions and the execution of the fight scenes.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

However, when Trisha died of a lingering illness, they were cared for by their best friend Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako. She criticized the ending, saying that "no character has changed from how they were in the beginning.In the "Tokyo Anime Fair", the series won in the categories "Animation Of The Year" (Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala), "Best original story" (Hiromu Arakawa) and "Best music" (Michiru ƌshima).

In the American Awards, Fullmetal Alchemist won in the categories "Best New Anime Series" and "Best Animation".

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On March 20,it was announced that the English title of the series was Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and that it would receive its English language premiere on Animax Asia, with Japanese audio and English subtitles, from April 10, at p.m, five days after its Japanese premiere.

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FMA op 4 ~ The reason why, i wanna let, all these hurtful feelings out Is because i have no proof that im even here at all The future thats ahead of me has slipped away from my grasp I can choose to run after it, but will that make me truely free?

The reason why, i wanna let, all these memories slip away is because i know, that they will only slow me down in what i believe. your looking at me.


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