Basic electricity and electronice lab report

AC, or alternating current, is much more complicated. Wire a 5-Volt voltage regulator on a breadboard as shown above and connect it to power. They show the electrical layout as opposed to the physical layout of the components.

A Very Simple Circuit

However, this never happens. The capacitor is often used to introduce a time-delay in a circuit. It was just there, consuming power.

However, the power in your house is AC, not DC. A potentiometer is a resistor that can change its resistance. Resistance and Diodes If you measure the resistance of a diode such as the LED shown hereyou may see a number flash briefly on the meter, then disappear.

Touching Two Points on a Switch If you touch two points on a switch, what happens when you switch the switch? What to do next? It can be described as the opposite of a capacitor, but this is slightly misleading. In nearly all cases, one form of energy is converted into motion, or kinetic energy, by means of the spinning blades of a turbine.

Lab: Electronics

There should be close agreement between all measured and all calculated figures. The benefit of this is that AC enables the use of transformers to easily step-up and step-down the voltage. However, with an alternating flow, the water wheel continuously tries to turn back and forth, limiting the flow of water.

Compare this calculated figure with the measured figure for circuit voltage: Inductor Find the inductor symbol in the schematic symbols overview. They most likely will not light up.

USB-C Power Delivery Reference Design – Fast and easy migration from DC barrel to Type-C

Compare this calculated figure with the measured figure for circuit resistance: Unique circuit URLs let you easily share your work or ask for help online. They are often used in filters. In this case, the voltage across both the component and the meter will be the same. As a side note, an inverter is used to convert DC into AC.

Experiment and iterate rapidly with programmable algebraic sources and expressions. If you have three in series, and a 5-volt supply, each is getting less than the 2V it needs to turn on. From this experiment, Faraday concluded that whenever there is relative motion between conductor and a magnetic field, the flux linkage with a coil changes and this change in flux induces a voltage across a coil.

It could be an amplifier, it could be a microprocessor, it could be a USB to serial converter… It could be anything! After you reach it, the resistance is ideally zero.

Automated Systems & Robotics

When two components are in series, the amperage flowing through both of them is the same. But you are probably wondering: We use LEDs to give a visual feedback from our circuit.

What voltage do you read when the pushbutton is not pressed? Make your palm sweaty, or lick it, and try again. It is also used in musical instruments like electric guitar, electric violin etc.

When unplugging a power cord, pull on the plug, not on the cable. In the water analogy from above, an inductor is a waterwheel, with a constant flow of water through it. It isn't possible to build a DC transformer because the magnetic field would be constant: Does the total add up to the voltage from power to ground?

And as the name suggests, they resist the current. Where interconnecting wires and cables are involved, they should be arranged so people will not trip over them. Did you remember to push the button before you took your reading?PHYS Electricity and Electronics.

Introduction to the Oscilloscope Contents.

Electrical Engineering Lab Reports

from Tektronix. Although we use a simple analog scope in the PHYS lab, it is worth looking over all sections of this online tutorial to familiarize yourself with digital and sampling oscilloscopes. can be used to "see" an electrical signal by displaying a.

Fifth Edition, last update October 18, i °cTony R. Kuphaldt This book is published under the terms and conditions of the Design Science License. These BASIC CONCEPTS OF ELECTRICITY Glass rod Silk cloth attraction Glass and silk aren’t the only materials known to behave like this.

Anyone who has ever. EEE ELECTRONICS I LABORATORY MANUAL DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING Revised Summer 2 In your lab report, present experimental data and compare them with your expected results. Discuss any discrepancies, make comments, and write conclusions.

Electricity and Magnetism Experiments from Kits Peter Dourmashkin John G. King. Electricity and Magnetism These are instructions for six basic experiments in electricity and magnetism that students assemble from kits, either in a lab, a dorm room or at home. (mostly from hardware and electronic parts stores), etc.

This. Nov 24,  · The next you will find Electrical symbols are used to represent various electrical and electronic devices in a schematic diagram of an electrical or electronic circuit.

Electrical student and learner can be known about all Electrical symbols with description using this apps/5(76).

Circuit simulation and schematics.

Physics Lab Report Guidelines Summary to’ write a lab report, the successful lab student will beneflt from learning the procedures necessary to completely satisfy all requirements of a lab report.

All graphs (manual and electronic) have the following properties: 1. A good graph fllls the whole page.

Basic electricity and electronice lab report
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