Affirmative action an annotated bibliography

Includes a fairly comprehensive survey of the literature on race differences in intelligence and criminality oriented toward genetic hypotheses. Dworkin argues that the fundamantal purpose of affirmative action is to break the correlation between race and class by bringing more blacks and Latinos into the middle class.

A must read for anyone interested in social stratification. An important dissenting view: Page, Scott, The Difference: Harvard University Press, Identifies racial stereotypes and racial stigma as Affirmative action an annotated bibliography causes of racial inequality in the U.

Few people are willing to apply these terms to beliefs, attitudes, or practices that they do not condemn.

Affirmative Action Lit Review Affirmative Action Review&nbspAnnotated Bibliography

First, it analyzes what has come to be known as the "doctrine of discriminatory purpose" established by Washington v. Segregation and the Making of the Underclass Cambridge, Mass.: The author argues that setting a goal to eliminate inequalities and making a timetable to meet those goals is the key to having positive reinforcement to affirmative action policies.

Basic Books, Fundamental defense of a colorblind ideal of justice. From their studies, the results indicated that the white people supported affirmative action policies to hire minorities in the workforce and to accept them into college universities as long as white individuals were not negatively affected by these decisions.

Debating the Limits of Patriotism. The cumulative impact of these cases over a short period of time is stunning. Nickel argues that these facts do not force compensatory affirmative action to a collectivist stance, according to which racial groups as a whole are the relevant units of moral entitlement.

This argument is a good viewpoint based off of research that strengthens the opposing view side to affirmative action in universities.

Race, Gender, and Affirmative Action

This opening chapter in Dr. This article written by the Human Resource HR community at Workforce, re-instates the actual reason for the policy of affirmative action. And if so should the program change or simply come to an end? While citing many startling differences between the social and occupational history of white males and black males, the author discusses the Critical Race Theory of W.

Nuanced discussion by a distinguished African-American philosopher of the dilemma between separation and assimilation posed by DuBois and black cultural nationalists.

What are Racism and Sexism? Namibia and South Africa have recently rewritten their constitutions and have similar systems though they have borrowed affirmative action language from U.

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The anti-affirmative argument conveys that affirmative action equals racial preferences no matter which group is favored. A key point of his argument concerns the ways group identities magnify harms motivated by group antipathy: Rejects the terms of the dilemma, arguing that there is no duty of blacks to identify or affiliate particularly with other blacks, but that there may be good reasons to so identify.

The writer clearly exposes the dichotomy inherent in this type of conservative hyperbole. This constitutes very strong empirical evidence against Gary Becker's famous hypothesis that markets drive out discrimination. Ferguson is the prime example of a policy that "sacrificed the rights of black people in order to gain the support of whites for business-oriented economic policies that harmed a great many whites.

Ideologically asserted a physical, b ancestral, c geographical and d cultural differences among races may be real or imagined, and may be consequences of the system of social stratification itself. The Disuniting of America: Chicago University Press, Liberatory antiracist movements opposed to g may alternatively be based on subjective identities that conceive of race as socially constructed.

· An annotated bibliography is presented on affirmative action policy in postsecondary education. More than 40 entries mostly dated or later, represent a wide variety of resource materials that focus on the issue of educational opportunity in higher education.

Affirmative action : an annotated bibliography

Major areas of concern are: employment of underrepresented  · This selective annotated bibliography of symposia, law review and journal articles, Websites, and videotapes is intended for law librarians and general researchers interested in the much debated topics of affirmative action and diversity.

It was not my intent to create a comprehensive bibliography annotated bibliography social justice issue - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for /annotated-bibliography-social-justice-issue.

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Affirmative action programs -- United States -- Bibliography. Affirmative action programs -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Bibliography. Affirmative action programs.

Affirmative Action Lit Review Affirmative Action Review&nbspAnnotated Bibliography

Notify me of updates to Affirmative Action: An Annotated Bibliography: Tell A Friend Tell someone you know about this product. Affirmative Action: An Annotated Bibliography: reports and articles dealing with all aspects of affirmative action including: Race relations; Economic aspects; Reverse discrimination; Preferences; Affirmative Action

Affirmative action an annotated bibliography
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